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A Picky Eater’s Guide: Healthy Sweet Treats

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The Humble City Soul is proud to present our first publication!

A Picky Eater’s Guide To Healthy Sweet Treats is designed specifically to provide healthy and wholesome food ideas, that even the pickiest eaters will love.

The Humble City Soul philosophy is the journey to a healthy+balanced lifestyle starts with small steps. Helping you achieve a state of balance that is uniquely yoursis our point of focus. What better way to ease into this journey than by replacing high sugar, high calorie, nutritionally deficient snacks with tasty, nutritious homemade treats?!

  • Pro+Quick Tips: Elevate your skills by following the tips provided with each recipe.  These tips allow the reader to learn bite sized lessons that can be applied to everyday healthy living.  All tips are designed and delivered with the intent of getting the best result from the recipes.
  • Appendices: Background information designed to make you a more informed kitchen creator.   Demystifying the basic elements of healthy snacks means you’re able to make the best decision for yourself based on your own unique needs.
  • Conversion Guides: Make treats that are unique to your taste.  The easy to follow conversion guides provide a great base level of choice to make healthy swaps you’ll love.  Dive into options for dairy alternatives, white flour alternatives, sugar alternatives and vegan substitutions.
  • 7 delicious+healthy recipes included to get you started!
  • Easy to understand nutritional+health benefits included with each recipe.
  • Each recipe includes the total calorie count, sugar, fat, saturated fat, sodium, protein, carbohydrate and dietary fiber in each serving.
  • E-Book comes as a immediately downloadable PDF file. Adobe Acrobate Reader is required to view the file.
  • All pages fully printable.


Download a free copy of Volume 1 – Healthy Sweet Treats.