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Cooking With Cannabis


Available in the Greater Ottawa Area

Joël Jones {Holistic Nutritionist + Personal Chef}


The legalization of marijuana in Canada, and the lessened taboo of using marijuana medically and recreationally has created a unique opportunity for experienced and novice marijuana enthusiasts alike. This class combines holistic nutrition and a comprehensive fun guide into the realm of cannabis food preparation, adults can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. I have extended my knowledge of meal preparation, nutrition and marijuana into an easy to follow format suitable for beginners and experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

Smoking isn’t the only way to enjoy cannabis. Edibles are a tasty and lung friendly alternative to smoking cannabis that can be easily produced at home.

Taught by a holistic nutritionist/personal chef & experienced cooking instructor, my cannabis cooking classes are a fun, informative and creative group experience. New and experienced cannabis enthusiasts are welcome.


+  Make a tried and true beginner friendly cannabis muffin recipe that is easily prepared. My mini-cannabis-muffins recipe is a potent bite sized cannabis-treat that can be made gluten free, dairy free and/or vegan with ease.  My muffins are low calorie and produce a consistent high batch after batch.

+  Prepare marijuana for cooking using Decarboxylation

+  Understand dosing – learn ways to set a benchmark for your tolerance to cannabis edibles and how to set safe parameters required to enjoy your favorite homemade cannabis treats. learn about the differences between a high obtained from smoking vs. edibles

+  Use the cannabis preparation method learned in this class, along with its potency and dosing structure, and apply it to your favorite treats in the comfort of your own home. Most of your favorite recipes can be infused with cannabis.

These classes are private and an excellent choice for special occasions, or a great reason to gather friends and learn something new.

 Classes are approx 3hrs and costs $70/person (minimum of 4 participants)


1. Choose one of the following class formats:

Hands On: Participants gain experience creating their own edibles, with guidance from the chef. The chef is there to assists participants while they learn the methods and answer any questions.
+ Group discussion about dosing edibles
+ Take home home tasty edibles for your personal enjoyment

Chef’s Table: An intimate demonstration style class that is lead by the chef. All of the steps necessary to prepare the marijuana and muffins are presented to the participants while the chef shares culinary tips acquired from years of experience.
+ Group discussion about dosing edibles
+ Take home home tasty edibles for your personal enjoyment

**All of the ingredients needed to make the muffins except the Marijuana is provided with this class

For more information on how to acquire Marijuana legally in Ontario, please go to the OCS website.

2. Contact the chef. 

Contact us via email or phone to book your class. Clients will be asked a few questions at booking to ensure we accommodate all of your needs such as: Special dietary requirements and number of participants.
Note: The Amount of Marijuana required for the class is based on the number of participants.  The chef will specify how much is required upon booking.

 3. Book your class date!

Now you’re ready to make your own homemade edibles.

Add a little magic to your cooking.
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