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Corporate Wellness

Why You Should Invest In Corporate Wellness?

The rising costs of health benefits are a major concern for businesses across the country. Stress related illnesses, both physical and mental, are steadily increasing.  The results are lower productivity in the workplace, absenteeism and an increase in short term and long term disability claims.

Elevated stress levels in the workplace also negatively affect moral, and can easily spread and become toxic if not addressed.

Creating a supportive environment that encourages healthy living, and working, engages employees, stimulates good office moral and increases productivity.  Show your appreciation and support for your employee’s time and services by equipping them with the tools to get the best result from their work…and life!

What We Offer:

Our corporate wellness seminars and programs deliver bite-sized digestible amounts of information that can be put into action.


We provide numerous of seminar formats to suit the individual needs of our corporate clients.

Our Nutritional talks, mindfulness workshops, food demonstrations and “Lunch n’ Learns” are interactive and run for 45-90 minutes and are tailored to each organization.

Seminars are setup on-site in available meeting/board rooms, lunch rooms or other specified rooms provided.

Health topic examples:
Mindfulness in the workplace: Achieving mental, physical and energetic balance at work.
Finding balance through nourishing the body.
Are fats good for us? The difference between fats that heal and fat that harm.
The connection between emotional state and eating patterns.
Blood sugar basics & management.
Improving digestions and elimination.
How to improve energy levels throughout the day.

Corporate On-Site Nutrition Programs:

Our unique 8 week program is run on-site, and provides your employees with the fundamental education they need to make more informed, healthy lifestyle choices.

Participants will experience elevated energy levels and weight-loss during this program. The skills they develop over the 8 weeks will help they sustain their results long after the program has been run.

Program includes:
Weekly educational seminar (60-90 minutes)
Program binder & weekly seminar handouts
Personalized diet and lifestyle guidance provided.
Group check-in, Q&A, support (in person and via email)

*We work with you to build seminars and programs that meet the specific needs of your employees.

Yoga Classes (in-office)  —  Before-During-After

Enjoy the flexibility of having an experienced yoga teacher come into your corporate space and transform it into an interactive healing environment. Choose from morning, lunch or after work class times.

Choose from a selection of class formats that best suits the needs of your corporate tribe.

Mindfulness Movement: Creating shapes and engaging in creative play while exploring the breath and calming the mind.

Hatha Yoga: Lengthening the breath and stilling the mind – Hatha yoga promotes flexibility, concentration, strengthening and relaxation.  Variations such as Hatha/Yin and Hatha/Restore are also available.

Yogafit: Let’s elevate our heart rate while stretching and strengthening our muscles. This class has a focus on the core {a necessary muscle group used in almost all activity} and gaining strength and flexibility.  The use of flows throughout the class gets the heart-rate up for cardiovascular benefit.

*Each class includes mindfulness exercises and mediation

Yoga workshops: choose a 6-8 week yoga workshop that focuses on a specific aspect of yoga.  For example: Beginner’s breakdown – intro to backbends – lengthening the hamstrings – balancing chakras – Core strengthening – movement and breath – intro to mindful movement and meditation.

Corporate Wellness: Build a custom program

Build a program as unique as your company!

Mix and match seminars with yoga/movement+meditation sessions in 6-8 week blocks (1-2 session per week).

Take advantage of the flexibility to modify your wellness program ever 6-8 weeks.  Allow your program to evolve with the ever changing needs of your company.

Food/Fuel Options

How we fuel our bodies determines how effectively we can perform our daily duties.  Including a snack with your seminars and yoga classes is a great way to ensure your corporate tribe is adequately fueled and inspire them to try new healthy snack and meal options.  Included with the snacks are recipe cards designed to expand your tribe’s recipe portfolios.

*Inquire about adding snacks to your seminars and yoga classes.

Customize Seminar Topics

Do you have an interest in a topic that hasn’t been listed on our website? – Let us know!

The Humble City Soul is knowledgeable and actively interested in many health issues and topics.

We enjoy co-creating a wellness plan and schedule specifically suited to your company’s needs.


The Humble City Soul loves getting people in the kitchen!  Adding an interactive cooking class or food demo allows employees to strengthen their team building skills while developing new ones.

*Emphasis is placed on incorporating a plant based foundation to the busy professional diet.  Omnivore, vegetarian and vegan options available.

Take Action NOW!!

It’s time to get PROACTIVE about your corporate wellness goals.  Book a free consultation with Joël Jones and find out how The Humble Ciy Soul can bring healthy, fun and exciting programming to your office!

Email us at  and ask about how we can build a seminar or program that are as unique as your company.

During these busy times, let US bring HEALTH+WELLNESS to YOU!


About Joël Jones

Joël has over 6 years of experience facilitating corporate team building programs and activities with the Ontario Science Centre (Toronto, CA).  Joël graduated with First Class Honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and she is passionate about helping others reconnect  with their body’s and understanding the unique messages it sends each us. Joël is a registered 200hr yoga teacher who emphasizes the importance of slow movement and meditation. Joël understands first hand the challenges of staying healthy in a corporate work environment and now dedicates her time to informing and guiding others about how to live a sustainable, healthy, holistic, BUSY lifestyle.  Joël’s number one focus is on education, because empowering people with knowledge is how true sustainable change can be achieved.