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Personal Chef Services

Emphasis is put on using high quality ingredients and preparing your meals with care, which gives you more time to do the things you love – instead of worrying about planning and preparing your meals.

In-home chef

From custom menus and shopping to meal prep and clean up, I’m your personal Culinary Nutritionist.

Quality Ingredients

Only quality, whole food ingredients used with an emphasis on local and/or organic, and in-season when possible.

No stress meals

You’ll have more time to do the things you love, instead of worrying about planning and preparing nutritious meals.

Serving Ottawa, Ontario and surrounding area.

Culinary Nutritionist: Holistic Personal Chef Service

My Holistic Personal Chef services allows you to choose from multiple meal choices, on a weekly basis, ready to be eaten at your convenience.

Emphasis is put on using high quality ingredients and preparing your meals with care, which gives you more time to do the things you love – instead of worrying about planning and preparing your meals.

Get nutritious meals onto your table in 3 easy steps:


1. Intake

Contact me and I’ll send along my client profile to be completed. This can be done over the phone or by email.


2. Confirm your Menu

With flexible and custom menus, I plan your weekly meals, and all you have to do is confirm once you’re satisfied.

3. Prep Date

Choose a date & time for me to come into your kitchen, work my magic, and you’ll have all your meals for the week.

My clients range from busy young professionals to families on the go…and everyone in between. They all desire delicious and healthy meals, made with high quality ingredients, but don’t have the time (or desire) to prepare it themselves.

Do you require a specialized diet and could use the expertise of a Holistic Nutritionist?

Don’t let the stress of preparing meals for a specialized diet get you down. As a Culinary Nutritionist, I’m able to accommodate and modify menus based on your health and lifestyle, without sacrificing flavour.

Enjoy the process of choosing from a variety of meals which are tailored to your dietary needs, or can easily be modified for you at no extra charge.

Do you love eating home-cooked meals, but your cooking skills aren’t quite up to the task?

Just because you can’t (or don’t enjoy) cooking, doesn’t mean your health and taste buds should suffer! I became a Culinary Nutritionist to support clients just like you.

What does a typical order looks like?

My Personal Chef service provides batched cooked meals, which typically includes 5 entrees, 4 portions each with a variety of delicious sides. Meals are tailored to your personal taste and dietary needs. *Meal formats will be customized to your specifications.

What You Receive:

Custom menu: Informed by your preferences and dietary needs

Grocery shopping service: I ensure the best quality ingredients are used for your meals

Meal preparation: I prepare your meals with the same level of care I prepare my family’s meals, but conveniently in your home

Clean up service: Your kitchen is left clean and ready for you to use

Organization: All of your meals are stored in containers and labelled in the fridge

Cooking/reheating instructions are provided

Due to the personalized nature of this service, please inquire for rates.

Additional Services: Private Cooking Lessons

Improve your cooking skills with fun private cooking lessons! Choose from a variety of classes ranging from Kitchen Skills to Soul Food Cooking. Equal emphasis is put on developing new skills and exploring new flavors.

Contact me via form below for more information.

Corporate Wellness

Interested in corporate wellness?

Please inquire about my corporate cooking classes & team building activities!

Email Joël

Custom Meal Plans

With all the various diets and food choices available it can be both overwhelming and confusing. We’ll figure out what makes sense for you and your unique situation.

Yoga Classes

Private and corporate yoga sessions available. Increase productivity and decrease stress with yoga and meditation practices.

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