Joël Jones, CNP

Holistic, Culinary & Theraputic Nutritional Counselling

Yoga / Mindfulness Guide

Eat better and feel better without sacrificing taste.

Joel Makes Food!

My Youtube Channel. Watch and learn how to cook great tasting, healthy dishes.

Meal Planning

With all the various diets and food choices available it can be both overwhelming and confusing. We’ll figure out what makes sense for you and your unique situation.

Yoga Classes

Private and corporate yoga sessions available. Increase productivity and decrease stress with yoga and meditation practices.

Food can be both Nutritious and Delicious

Most people want to eat better and feel better but are unsure which foods to eat, let alone, how to prepare them. Joel empowers her clients to make better food choices and educates you on how to prepare them, so you can feel better in your body and more confident in the kitchen.

Meet Joël Jones

Joël is a culinary nutritionist and yoga teacher, bringing mindfulness and holistic nutrition to her client’s kitchens with private chef services and custom meal plans.

Our focus is healing through using food, not only as your body’s fuel, but as it’s medicine.

– Joël

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