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Personal Chef Services – Practitioners

Health+Wellness professionals are some the busiest people I know!
That’s why one of my priorities is taking care of my tribe.

Take advantage of my 10% Health+Wellness professional discount.
Let me take the stress out of meal planning and help you keep your lifestyle on track!

Refer clients, family and friends! 
Special pricing is offered to those referred by a practitioner.
Spread the good word! Lets share good nutrition with everyone.


Too stressed and busy to plan and prepare your meals? 

My personal chef service is designed with you in mind.   My clients range from busy young professionals to families on the go…and everyone in between.  What do you all have in common? Wanting to prioritize delicious and healthy meals made with high quality ingredients, but not having the time (or desire) to prepare it yourselves.

  • I prepare a menu based on your unique taste and/or dietary needs
  • You approve it (or tweak it until its right)
  • I prepare your meals in your home ( pick up options also available)
  • You happily eat dinner…The End!

Let me take the stress out of what should be an enjoyable experience…EATING!

Do you require a specialized diet and could use a helping hand from a health professional?

Don’t let the stress of preparing meals for a specialized diet get you down.  As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, I am able to accommodate and modify menus based on your health and lifestyle – Without sacrificing flavour.  Enjoy the process of choosing from a variety of meals that are tailored for your dietary needs, or can easily be modified for you at no extra charge.

Do you love eating home cooked meals, but your cooking skills aren’t quite up to the task?

Just because you can’t (or don’t enjoy) cooking, doesn’t mean your health and taste buds should suffer.  I became a chef so you don’t’ have to.

Curious what a typical order looks like?

My personal chef service provides batched cooked meals, which typically includes 5 entrees, 4 portions each with a variety of delicious sides. Meals are tailored to your personal taste and dietary needs. *Meal formats will be customized to your specifications.

What you receive with my service:

  • A menu based on your preferences and dietary needs
  • I personally do the grocery shopping, ensuring that the best quality ingredients are used for your meals
  • I prepare your meals with the same level of care I prepare my family’s, conveniently in your home
  • Your kitchen is left clean
  • All of your meals are stored in containers and labelled in the fridge
  • Cooking/reheating instructions are provided

Whether you’re too busy to cook, would prefer not to cook, or you need a qualified nutrition professional to keep you on track with your health and lifestyle needs: